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Rusty Metal Letters 12" A-Z 0-9 Rustic Signs For The Home And Garden

Rusty Metal Letters 12" A-Z 0-9 Rustic Signs For The Home And Garden

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12" Tall Rusty Metal Classic Lettering. (all letters come with free delivery.)

Can be used inside or outside.

Our classic lettering is made from a high grade 2mm thick steel, which we then put through a rusting process to give them an aged patina.

For mounting, we recommend the following.

You can use a good adhesive, weight appropriate Command Strips ( sticky pads), hang on a hook or drill straight through and secure with a screw for a more permanent fixing. Some of our items will simply prop up against a wall, which look great on a sideboard or shelf.

All letters are 12 inch's tall. 

Letter widths are below:

A- 31.5cms

B- 27cms

C- 25.5cms

D- 31cms

E -27cms

F -23cms

G -30cms

H -31.5cms

I -13cms

J -16cms

L -33cms


N- 33.5cms

O- 28.5cms

P- 23.5cms

Q- 30cms

R- 30cms

S- 19cms

T- 25.5cms

U -32cms

V- 31.5cms


X- 31cms


Z- 26.5cms

0- 19cms

1- 11cms

2- 20cms

3- 18cms

4- 20.5cms

5- 17cms

6- 18.5cms

7- 17.5cms


9- 18.5cms

#- 20cms

£- 20cms

?- 16cms

!- 5cms

star- 32cms

Heart- 26.5cms

@- 28cms

&- 31.5cms

We are a small family run business based in the heart of Norfolk. We design and produce all our metal items here in the UK and we ship nationwide. Our metal items are made of a high quality steel and not the mass produced, cheap imported, thin and flimsy versions found on the market.

As a company we are trying hard at becoming more sustainable.

♻️Metal items - recyclable, made in the UK.

♻️Cardboard packaging - recycled and recyclable.

♻️Tape - recyclable.

♻️Cable ties - reusable.

♻️Plastic bags - recycled and recyclable, made in the UK.

Please take a look at our other items that we have available, we offer a large and varied selection of metal decor items, rustic, antique, vintage and industrial pieces of furniture. We offer nationwide delivery on all our items.

Please note that all delivery prices quoted are for the UK mainland only.

For some design inspiration ideas then check us out on our Socials - Facebook and Instagram, using the handle @rwnorfolk or visit the link on our homepage. See how our customers have used our products in their own homes and gardens.

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